Fix The Little Things To Sell Your Home and Add Value

Finding inexpensive ways to improve the looks of a home which is being prepared for market or is already on the market can be a great value adder.

If you are handy it simply means taking out the tool kit and doing somethings that make the property look better.

If your are not handy, professionals certainly can be of assistance.

Refinishing.  Kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances, bathroom appliances.  

In the kitchen for example replace that old faucet with a new one.  Refinish the cabinets, add new new door handles, replace old lighting fixtures. 

Do the same thing in the bathrooms.  Caulk is cheap. Do it. Replace the toilet seat.  Seal the toilet. If the bathroom floor is dated perhaps you can consider installing a new flooring on top.

Sometimes one can replace a tub and shower combination quite inexpensively.  Cheaper than replacing perhaps the tile around the shower.

Consider adding closet systems to expand storage.  Wire, wood and laminated systems are available and offer a range of storage options.  Also when buyers look into the closet (which they will) it will be orderly…..that is a value to the seller.

Keep in mind they have these storage systems available for kitchen cupboards.  If you can use them. They can increase storage capacity and bring order to the cupboards.  And they do not cost a lot of money. Some assembly may be required.

All those wires that may be frayed or hanging in the rafters in the crawl space, attic or garage.  Bundle them. Better still have a professional look at and perhaps replace the wall switches; replace the ceiling fan especially if it is noisy.  All of those unsightly mechanical things have them fixed.

Do make sure that the electrical wall outlets work.

Entry doors to the home.  A new paint job does wonders.  A new door handle and lock set makes things stand out.  It tells the potential buyer that you care (pride of ownership).

Not an inexpensive item but one may want to consider replacing the standard everyday water heater with a tank-less system.  On an older home this most certainly will be an eye catcher. With utility cost climbing anything that suggests savings is a plus for the home and for a sale.  But do your homework. It may not be worth the expense in specific geographic locations. Just a thought.